Welcome to our gallery

Welcome to our gallery Welcome to our Art Gallery OLET-ART We are Tami and Dani, a couple of artists living together for years. Creating and living art. Each work is a joint of mutual creation. As it is a concert in 4 hands. With all possible tools to create our own personal unique art. We gave it the name Olet-Art – all at art.
We have a rich past of painting exhibitions. Innumerable houses all over the world have are our creations. Also we have been blessed with art collectors. Our mosaic, glass and metal pieces like stemming from the art nouveaux , Gaudi, Art Deco style. our mixed techniques as sewing or soldering the materials and connecting them together like glass and porcelain, ceramics, metals as copper, brass, bids, mineral, stones …… All our works arise only from our rich imagination and new techniques we developed. Olet-Art is a new movement in our unique art. We look forward to receiving your order for any piece of art form made to your own personal requirements. Enjoy our Art Gallery Olet-Art.
Tami & Dani
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